'Roadie Of The Month' - March / Apri 2019



1/ Name?

 Elisha Boland 


2/ Hometown?

South Sydney, NSW


3/ Currently Reside?

Melbourne, VIC 


4/ Role?

Touring Road Merchandise Manager


5/ Years on the road?

Been on and off for 11 years but full time for 2 years now 


6/ First band you ever worked for?

Cant nail it down but would be either In Hearts Wake, Bermuda or The Bride.


7/ Favorite AUS venue?

Toss up between the Opera House in Sydney for the views or The Forum + The Corner in Melb for the humans / vibe 


8/ Favorite AUS Bar or Restaurant?

Crowbar on tour or B.East / The Alderman off 


9/ When and where was your first OS tour?

Europe / UK winter 2017 with Northlane 


10/ Favorite OS country to tour?

Germany for sure 


11/ Favorite OS venue?

I recently loved Olympia in Paris. Leaving the venue during the day is important for sanity so the proximity to cool shit was 10/10.


12/ Favorite OS Bar or Restaurant?

Lucky dog in Williamsburg. Bury me with the bar dogs and pickle backs 


13/ Last three bands you have toured with?

Parkway Drive, Gang of Youths and currently with Tash Sultana 


14/ What three tools are the most important to your role?

T pins, a desirable personality and patience  


15/ What are the three things you can’t leave for tour without?

Peli kit, clean underwear and my laptop 


16/ What’s your drink of choice after the truck is packed?

Hendricks gin, tonic + lime please  


17/ Who’s the most played artist on your iPod?

Last few months Don Broco and Everytime I Die has been getting very thrashed


18/ What’s your favorite band / album of all time?

Too hard to narrow down but - The Flatliners back catalogue, Wilhelm Scream - Mute Print, The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten, Defeater - Letters Home, The Neighbourhood - I Love You, OWTH - Home 


19/ What’s your favorite book / Podcast ?

I try and read a book a tour so last one I knocked off was The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Podcast-wise i go back and forth between Anxious and Angry + Casefile 


20/ Any great websites out there for people to check out?



21/ What do you do when you are not on the road?

Try and have some semblance of a normal life - sleep, coffees, beach, spend time with my forever patient and understanding boyfriend + mates


22/ Words of Wisdom?

We’re pretty lucky at the end of the day to be able to do a job that takes us all over the world so I try to check myself and be grateful for it all. Even if it’s 3am on a tour bus leaving the UK and Granville has an acoustic guitar again


ALSO - chicks can be roadies too 


23/ You can contact me on?

elishaboland@icloud.com for business or @elishaboland for shinfo


One of my absolute favourite displays and runs with Parkway Aus tour 2018. And a very tired Boland after 4 back to back monster shows.

Walking around Paris on a day off on the most recent PWD Euro run 2019. My sanity was restored after walking the streets with the crew and getting out of the bus / venue loop.

Nuremberg in Germany during the Northlane Euro run 2017 - Left the venue with the angels in Ocean Grove to explore and ended up finding a lot of places that served as points of interest to WW2.

Day one on Warped Tour 2018 for In Hearts Wake in California. Before all the eye bags and bad tan lines took over.

Out the front of The Triffid in 2015 with In Hearts Wake quickly learning the importance of getting your gear to the truck on time. Turns out Fishy COULDNT strap 2 merch boards to the back of a 3 tonne.