'Roadie Of The Month' - July 2020

July 2020

1/ Name?

Luke Stabb


2/ Hometown?



3/ Currently Reside?



4/ Role?

Guitar Tech / Stage Manager


5/ Years on the road?



6/ First band you ever worked for?

To tell you the truth, I can’t remember


7/ Any mentors in the industry worth mentioning?

Cam Batten, Dugald McAndrew, Ant Milne and Pat Meyer, they are all a bunch of supremely talented individuals


8/ Favorite AUS venue?

I like the Forum a lot now that there’s a lift.


9/ Favorite AUS Bar or Restaurant? 

Any good Ramen place or Vietnamese restaruant


10/ When and where was your first OS tour?

Japan with JET in 2017


11/ Favorite OS country to tour?

France or Spain, anywhere with great food really


12/ Favorite OS venue?

It’s cliché but Red Rocks is amazing


13/ Favorite OS Bar or Restaurant?

Quimet Quimet in Barcelona


14/ Last three bands you have toured with?

Ocean Alley, John Butler Trio+ and Violent Soho


15/ What three tools are the most important to your role?

An X-acto Knife, My pretty ebony string winder and my overwhelming cheerfulness


16/ What are the three things you can’t leave for tour without?

Water bottle, some sort of over engineered and far heavier than it needs to be tool case and a backup pair of Ray Bans


16/ What’s your drink of choice after the truck is packed?



18/ Who’s the most played artist on your iPod?

Usually who ever I’m working for at the time


19/W hat’s your favorite band / album of all time?

Muddy Waters with Led Zeppelin a close second


20/ What’s your favorite Book / Podcast ?

I love a bit of Philip K Dick or anything Anthony Bourdain wrote. As far as podcasts, you can’t go past the Fretboard Journal, Drum History or 99% Invisible.


21/ Any great websites out there for people to check out?

I’m giving www.clickspringprojects.com a bit of a work out at the moment. Also www.instructables.com is such a great concept and always worth checking out.


22/ What do you do when you are not on the road?
I eat a lot, travel as much as possible and build things of questionable quality from wood in my workshop


23/ Words of Wisdom?

Always carry a spare pair of socks, you never know when you might step in a puddle


24/ You can contact me on?

Email: lukelstabb@gmail.com

Phone: (+61) 403 881 343

Photo: csfilm


Photo: Christie Stabb 

Photo: Oyster Kilpatrick

* Top photo by Ian Laidlaw