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Roadie Of The Month - March / April 2017


1/ Name?

Madeleine ‘Mad Dog’ Spencer (MS)

Lucy Jade Hind (LJH)

Sheree Blake (SB)


2/ Hometown?

(MS)    Busselton, WA

(LJH)   Mandurah, WA

(SB)     Adelaide, SA


3/ Currently Reside?

(MS)    Melbourne, VIC

(LJH)   Melbourne, VIC

(SB)     Sydney, NSW


4/ Role?

(MS)    Currently working between theatre show Book Of Mormon and touring merch manager for Dune Rats.

(LJH)   Tour Manager mostly but I also work as an: Assistant TM, Merch Seller/Manager, Driver/Runner, Stage Manager, VIP Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator and I am currently learning Lighting and Backline. Plus I have worked as an Artist Manager, Event Manager and Promoter in the past.

(SB)     I work as Head Of Partnership across Australia & New Zealand for Wanderlust – managing merch is my much-loved side gig.


5/ Years in the music industry?

 (MS)    9 years (on and off)

(LJH)   11 years

            (SB)     I've been selling merch for about 4 years officially, unofficially, around 6. Seeing these bands I'm now working for … around 20 or so.


6/ First band you ever worked for?

(MS)    Missy Higgins was my first ever show in merchandise, first tour I ever worked on was Paul Kelly.

(LJH)   The first band I ever managed was a WA band “Indigo” that are still kicking it and the first band I worked for, as a TM was “iwrestledabearonce”.

(SB)     'Worked' is a term I'd use loosely.....I just walked behind the merch desk at Floating Me's debut gig in Adelaide because nobody was there selling, and there were a few people milling around wanting to buy. I did the same to Closure In Moscow, and to sleepmakeswaves not long after….and I still work for both of these bands to this day, just in a more official capacity.


7/ Favorite Australian venue?

(MS)    Kings Park, Perth but I work there so I might be a little biased. I think it’s one of the most beautiful inner city places in the country.

(LJH)   There’s still so many I have yet to experience so I couldn’t possibly choose. Although, 170 Russell has become my second home lately.

(SB)     The Enmore Theatre, Sydney.


8/ Last three bands you have toured with?

            (MS)    Dune Rats, Karnivool and Rufus.

            (LJH)   The last three full tours were with: Enslaved, The Troggs and Voyager.

            (SB)     I've just come off of the Sydney shows for Fallujah, Plini and Animals As Leaders. I'm based in Sydney due to my job role, so I generally have to stay local at the moment – I can't complain because the variety of acts I see and number of people I meet is amazing!  


9/ Favourite Australian Bar or Restaurant?

Supper Club, Melbourne. More for fond memories and late opening hours than anything else but the espresso martinis and toasted sandwiches are a pretty great time.

(LJH)   Frankie’s in Sydney. No question about it. Their pizza is ridiculous.

(SB)     For post-show drinks, it's always Frankie's, Opera Bar for beer and the iconic Sydney views, particularly for international bands. Restaurants....Sydney's Inner West has great Vietnamese - PHD on Illawarra Rd in Marrickville is my go-to, Bondi is best for wholefoods and burgers....think Bondi Harvest and Bondi Tony's. And when in Byron, The Roadhouse for absolutely everything!


10/ Have you toured OS?

(MS)    I toured New Zealand with the last ACDC but that’s my only overseas run so far.

(LJH)   I’m going overseas on tour for the first time next month with Protest The Hero for a show in NZ and am aiming to lock in more extensive OS tours

within the coming months.

(SB)     No, but it is on the to-do list.   I do tend to catch up with the bands I work for in Australia when I travel overseas though...the extended band family is one of my favourite things about the merch game!


12/ Favourite OS venue?

 (MD)    I’ve only worked a couple of Arenas in NZ on ACDC so I couldn’t really say workwise. As an attendee I loved Brooklyn Bowl in NYC (bowling and bands together, genius), and the Les Deferlantes festival site in Argeles Sur Mer is a truly beautiful setting. Trust the south of France to have mountains, beaches, vineyards and a beautiful chateau all in one place.


 13/ Favourite OS Bar or Restaurant?

 (MD)    Creperie Broceliande in Montmartre, Paris. The crepes are what heaven must taste like


 14/ What 3 tools are the most important to your role?

 (MD)    Lights, T - pins and a friendly disposition. And I know it’s four… but everyone needs gaffa tape.

(LJH)   Gaffa tape, laptop and sharpies.

(SB)     Good pins to display tees, my MacBook so I can run a sales spreadsheet, and my Roadsick tee/leather mini combo. Seriously....point of sale is key! Anything else - gaff, Sharpies, etc – can be scrounged up at a venue, and don’t really contribute to generating sales.


15/ What are the 3 things you cant leave for tour without? 

(MD)    My travel pillow, my slippers and my pink pelican case (I always know which one is mine!)

(LJH)   Noise cancelling headphones, custom moulded ear plugs and whatever new hoodie I’ve become obsessed with.

(SB)     My MacBook, iPhone and a Roadsick tee or three.


16/ What's your drink of choice after the truck is packed? 

(MD)    Peppermint tea is my favourite at work but a Jamesons on ice or a beer is always welcome at the end of the night.

(LJH)   Any good craft beer I can get my hands on. Shower beers for days.

(SB)     Water, vodka or beer – generally, and preferably, in that order.


 17/ Who's the most played artist on your ipod? 

 (MS)    At the moment it’s probably pretty even between Childish Gambino and Mazzy Star.

(LJH)   It’s currently a tie between Motley Crue and Birds of Tokyo.

(SB)     This year to date it’s Gojira, meshuggah, The Contortionist, Faith No More and sleepmakeswaves.


18/ What do you do when you’re not on the road?

            (MS)    I love brunches, the beach and catching up on movies and TV shows while I’m at home the first few days… Post recovery I like hikes and getting out to the country. I do a bit of venue work as a front of house manager and merch for lots of kids shows between runs too.

(LJH)   Attend shows, travel when possible, drink ALL of the beer with mates and at the moment I’m focusing on a couple of projects I plan to launch later this year.

 (SB)     I job is a big one, but I love it! And when I'm not working, I'm at the beach, hiking, seeing a lot of bands, eating good food, reading and attempting to see friends. Travelling and sleeping, though I don’t do enough of either, are both in there too.


19/ Words of Wisdom?

            (MS)    Girls can be roadies too!

(LJH)   Another person’s opinion of you says more about them than it does about you.

(SB)        Do what makes you feel most alive, Spend time in nature - it's good for the soul (so is laughter, so do this too), Don’t be a c*nt.


20/ You can contact me on?


            (LJH) or

            (SB) / Instagram - shereeblake

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