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Roadie Of The Month - June 2017

June / July 2017

Andie Reid


1/ Name?

Andie Reid


2/ Hometown?



3/ Currently Reside?



4/ Role?

Tour Manager. Sound Guy. Stage Manager. Cocktail Maker.


5/ Years on the road?

11 years


6/ First band you ever worked for ?

Karnivool and Mere Theroy


7/ Favourite AUS venue ?

The Forum, Melbourne or The Tivoli in Brisbane


8/ Favourite AUS Bar or Restaurant ?

The Beaufort and Ike’s in Carlton, Victoria. A great dive bar with smoked meats and burgers.


9/ When and where was your first OS tour?

David Strassman, Denmark 2007


10/ Favourite OS country to tour?

Germany. Great Venues. Great Crew. Great Punters. Great Catering. Great Beers.


11/ Favourite OS venue?

The AB, Brussles


12/  Favourite OS Bar or Restaurant?

The Brass Monkey. Edinburgh. A great dive bar with couch filled cinema.


13/ Last three bands you have toured with ?

The Cat Empire.

Dan Sultan.

Seth Sentry.


14/ What three tools are the most important to your role ?


Printer, A4 paper and Sharpies.

Leatherman / Knife.


15/ What are the three things you can’t leave for tour without ?

Clean Underwear and Socks.

Layrite “Super Hold” Pomade.

First Aid kit.

Roadsick T shirts.


16/ What’s your drink of choice after the truck is packed ?

A nice cold Larger or Champagne.


17/ Who’s the most played artist on your ipod?

Run The Jewels. The Bronx.


18/ Words of Wisdom?

Take time to see the places while you are on tour. It’s really easy to stay on the bus / hotel and not take a place in. Go for a walk. See the sights. Try a local beer or weird food. Make the most of it! It’s the best job in the world!


19/ You can contact me on?

instagram @andieissound


“Beers as big as your head.” I love touring in Germany.


The 2016 Cat Empire Australian Crew, repping Roadsick T shirts in NSW.


 Monitor World, Groving the Moo 2015 w/ the Hilltop Hoods.


Classic Drum Stitch Up, The Cat Empire. The Forum, Melbourne 2016.


When you lose a bet on a Karnivool Tour… ‘The King’ Bigdayout 2008.


‘Don’t F**k with the Stage Manager!’ Falls Festival, 2015.

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