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'Roadie Of The Month' -July / August 2018

1/ Name?

Taylor Bingley

2/ Hometown?

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

3/ Currently Reside?

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

4/ Role(s)?

TM / PM, Guitar / Bass Tech & Audio Engineer

5/ Years on the road?

11 Years

6/ First band you ever worked for?

My first national touring gig was FOH for the Celtic rock band GLENGARRY BHOYS. Weekend warriors !!

ANVIL was my first national gig as TM / FOH. It would be a disservice to heavy metal not to give them a shoutout \m/ \m/

7/ Favourite AUS venue?

Had to include my fav Canadian and US venues as well!
Australia = Palace Theatre, Melbourne (RIP), Canada = Metropolis / M-Telus, Montreal QC, USA = Stage AE, Pittsburg, PA

8/ Favourite AUS Bar or Restaurant?

Restaurant: Cookie, Melbourne -

Bar(s): Cherry Bar, Melbourne - Frankie's Pizza, Sydney - Honourable mention goes out to Woggo's Place. #FAMILY

9/ When and where was your first OS tour?

10 week Euro Tour with Gojira in 2012. Supporting Metallica, Slayer, and Mastodon on select dates. I mean, if that’s not your idea of the ULTIMATE tour, we can’t be friends.

10/ Favourite OS country to tour?

It's a tie between Japan & Australia

11/ Favourite OS venue(s)?

Ancienne Belgique (AB) - Brussels, Belgium (Best Crew)

Doornroosje - Nijmegen, Netherlands (This venue is from the future and has one of the only truck rotation lifts in the world...seriously google "truck rotation lift"

The Bikini - Toulouse, France (Catering + Swimming Pool)

12/ Favourite OS Bar or Restaurant?

Sushi K Kamizato - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

La Pancha - Ondres, France

Munchies - Oslo, Norway

13/ Last three bands you have toured with?

Gojira, Mastodon & Stromae

14/ What three tools are the most important to your role?

Laptop, Tech Workbox & Patience

15/ What are the three things you can’t leave for tour without?

My Watch

My Printer (aka Printouze The IV)

My Roadsick Laundry Bag

16/ What’s your drink of choice after the truck is packed?

“COOOOOOLD BEEEEEEER” - (spoken in the voice of my bro, Eddie Meade)

17/ Who’s the most played artist on your ipod?

Currently = Bokassa & Great American Ghost

All-Time = Hatebreed

18/ Whats your favourite band / album of all time?

Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill

19/ Whats your favourite book / Podcast ?

Book = The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Podcast = The Joe Rogan Experience

20/ Any great websites out there for people to check out? = shameless promo ;) = I’m a bit of a conspiracy nut ha! This site can be pretty entertaining at times. Must be taken with a grain of salt.

21/ What do you do when you are not on the road?

Hang with he Fam & my GF

Spoiling my pup Cora (@me_vs_the_mailman)

Watching NFL

22/ Words of Wisdom?

Honesty - Humility - Loyalty

Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done

23/ You can contact me on?

Facebook - Taylor Bingley

Instagram - Killer_Bongley

Snapchat - Deathb4goof

Red Rocks Gtr Toss: Another Red Rocks pic, this time with 9000 people in attendance. Had to include this one as it is officially the longest guitar toss Joe and I have ever done. 

L'Enfant Sauvage Russia 2012: This is a pic from the very first show of the L'Enfant Sauvage Headline tour in Europe, Oct 21, 2012. Location - Moscow, Russia. 

Dynamo Fest 2017: The calm before the storm that is Gojira! This pic was taken at their first major headline festival appearance at Dynamo festival in The Netherlands. Magma cycle, summer 2017. 

Metallica US 2017: University of Phoenix Stadium with Metallica. Their stage and production is so immense, it left us completely exposed on their mega-wide stage. This is a shot of guitar world, stage left.


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