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'Roadie Of The Month' - APRIL / MAY 2022

April / March 2022



1/ Name?

Ash Lowe


2/ Hometown?

Perth, WA. Originally from Scotland though


3/ Currently Reside?

Sydney, NSW


4/ Role?

Full Time Audio Technician at Eighth Day Sound


5/ Years on the road?



6/ First band you ever worked for?

I think my first ever gig was Laneway 2013 in Perth but my first ever tour was a NSW regional run with The Beach Boys in 2017


7/ Any mentors in the industry worth mentioning?

Definitely Tristan Johnson, super grateful for the all the time and knowledge he has passed on to me over the last few years. Clancy Travers has been a big one over the years as well! Also shout out to Guy Smith, James Gueness, JB, and Trevor Gaines for giving me the time of day back when I first started!


8/ Favorite AUS venue?

Redhill Auditorium, WA


9/ Favorite AUS Bar or Restaurant?

Pellegrini’s in Melbourne or La Cholita in Perth


10/ When and where was your first OS tour?

I’ve only been to New Zealand so far, does that count?

Imagine Dragons Aus/NZ  2018


11/ Favorite OS country to tour?

I guess I’ve got to say New Zealand!


12/ Favorite OS venue?

TSB Bank Arena, Wellington. The loading dock backs on to the water, so pretty!


13/ Favorite OS Bar or Restaurant?

Any fish and chip shop in Scotland that does a deep-fried pizza. Deep fried pizza with brown sauce, try it!


14/ Last three bands you have toured with?

The Jungle Giants, Paul Kelly, and TOOL (Right before the world ended!)


15/ What three tools are the most important to your role?

Coffee, a sharpie, and a PMA


16/ What are the three things you can’t leave for tour without?

Air pods, Nintendo switch and phone charger


16/ What’s your drink of choice after the truck is packed?

Fizzy Water


18/ Who’s the most played artist on your iPod?

Citizen, Basement, Spanish Love Songs, Ryan Adams, The Menzingers, Turnover


19/ What’s your favorite band / album of all time?

Tough One! Probably Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American but there is so many!


20/ What’s your favorite Book / Podcast?

Podcast – The Last Podcast on the Left

Book – A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole


21/ Any great websites out there for people to check out?

I tend to spend time on Instagram rather than websites. Check out,






22/ What do you do when you are not on the road?

I work full time for 8DS so when I’m not on tour I’m usually working in the warehouse or out on one off shows. It doesn’t really stop! When I’m not at work I like hanging out at home, cooking, and going to the gym, I do Muay Thai with a friend from work. I like collecting art and tattoos as well, I started painting traditional tattoo flash as a way to pass time during lockdown and it’s kind of become a regular hobby.


23/ Words of Wisdom?

Be kind to each other, tell your mates you love them!


24/ You can contact me on?


IG: @hermitinertia

Both from Jack River @ The Sydney Opera House Forecourt 2021




Gold Coast Commowealth Games 2018



Laneway 2019 – Gang of Youths


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