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Roadie Of The Month - January 2017

1/ Name?
Simon Gallacher
2/ Hometown?
Glasgow, Scotland
3/ Currently Reside?
London, UK
4/ Role?
Tour Manager (Letlive. & Creeper)
Promoter's Rep for Live Nation
5/ Years on the road?
10 as of 2017
6/ First band you ever worked for?

I started promoting Glasgow shows in 2001. The first band I did was Leftover Crack, then started touring in 2008 with a band Called The Korovas and went on from there.

7/ Favourite UK venue?

Barrowlands, Glasgow – 16 flights of stairs up (yes, you read that correct). I crewed here for many years & it taught me to shut up & get the job done – there’s no messing about at this venue, especially with the crew! I saw so many shows growing up here, as well as working – Cypress Hill, Green Day, Offspring, Machine Head, Slipknot but to name a few. 

8/ Favourite UK bar or resturant?

The 13th Note Café / bar in Glasgow – where I put on my first ever show. Great vibe, nice & relaxed. Food is all amazing & a wide selection of drinks – easily the best bar in the UK! 

9/ When was your first overseas tour?

2009 with Catch 22  

10/ Favourite overseas country to tour?

Germany & Holland 

 11/ Favourite overseas venue?

Gruenspan in Hamburg

12/ Favourite overseas bar or restaurant?

Hill Street Blues in Amsterdam 

13/ Last three bands you have toured with?

Primal Scream / Twenty One Pilots / Letlive. & Creeper (they were touring together, but I know that makes it 4, haha!)

 14/ What three tools are most important to your role?

(A) Having a calm & good temperament. Even when it’s all going wrong, your face should look like it’s running smoothly & no one should be any the wiser, even though you’re freaking inside. Along with this, you never know who is who – so if you’re always nice to people you never have to backtrack & apologise. (just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you’re weak – the same message can be conveyed, just in a different format)

 (B) Physical tools – torch, leatherman & portable mobile battery. You can see what you’re doing, fix any problems then phone someone else if you can’t fix it!

 (C) In conjunction with the first point – GOOD HEALTH is top of the tree here too. If you sleep well & eat well, you feel good (this is of course difficult on tour). However, take time to yourself – go for a walk / buy an organic smoothie / go for a swim / burn some insense / don’t have a 6th coffee of the day. What people do to their own bodies is up to them, but I try to take care of myself as best I can – I feel good, therefore I think clearer & am ready for day ahead! 

15/ What are the three things you can't leave for tour without?

(A)  As a TM and promoter’s rep – My admin equipment (computer / printer / ink cartridges / passes / etc.) is all pretty vital to me – so basically, my pelican case.

 (B) Insense – I burn it all the time. It creates a calming vibe & people always comment on it and how peaceful it makes the atmosphere fee.

 (C) Knowing my parents & partner are all ok & in good health – family always comes first! 

16/ What's your drink of choice after the truck is packed?

I’m not much of a drinker at all, so usually a cold gingerbeer but if push came to shove it’d have to be a gin & tonic

17/ Who's the most played artist on your iPod?

Tom Waits

King Tubby Sound System

Bad Brains

Explosions in The Sky



Sharks ///

Good Riddance

Dead Kennedys 

18/ Words of wisdom?

(A) If you’re touring because you want to be in a band – go & be in a band as resentment will always shine through.

 (B) Always be honest

 (C) Remember, when it’s “Saturday night” kicking off in your head, it should be nothing but “Sunday morning” on your face….

19/ You can contact me on?


Instagram – @simon141


Photo #1


 This is a photo of me having been up for nearly 3 days on a festival run in 2014 – it’s not all partying on the road!


Photo #2 

LOVE this photo. This is from a festival I work each year called The Secret Garden Party. The weather was awful that year & everyone was super bummed out, however I always try to keep a smile on my face & have a sense of humour – hence the bowtie 


Photo #3


No many people in life can say they’ve achieved their lifetime goal, but I can genuinely say that I have – touring with Slayer (Anthrax & Kvelertak) in 2015 – Yes, my Mum came own to see me at the Glasgow show


Photo #4 


My biggest client – 

Twenty Øne Pilots playing last February at Manchester O2 Ritz

Photo #5
Every year I set myself a different work goal, examples below –

2012 – I wanted to do a tour on a tour bus – I did with New Found Glory

 2013 – I wanted to start working as a promoter’s rep – which I did

 2014 – I wanted to do a show / tour that had a truck on it – I did it with Asking Alexandria

2015 – I wanted to do a show at Brixton Academy – I did 3 that year

2016 – I wanted to do a show at arena level – I did 5 that year & the picture attached shows 3 of them for Slandunk 2016



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